SockMonkeyI grew up thinking psychics can do anything. I still think we can – we just haven’t figured out all the details yet.

I’ve been around psychics, astrologers and the metaphysical community my entire life. My parents actually met through the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) and have stayed very involved in the organization to this day.

Reincarnation, astrology, Edgar Cayce, Ray Stanford, Gurdjieff, and psychics were regular topics of conversation around the dinner table with these incredible mystics always held in high esteem.

I think growing up with those influences of Cayce and Stanford and the A.R.E. really shaped my ideas of what a psychic is and does.

withglassesscanWhen looking at what a psychic is and what a psychic does I always come back to what I saw as a kid – psychics can do anything and know anything. You ask the right questions and all the secrets of the Universe could open up. Stanford and Cayce didn’t just talk to ghosts, they talked to angels. Predictions about medical advances and discussions of the nature of electrons and gravity show up in readings and the information that came through helped change the way people, my father included, thought about the Universe.

When Cayce saw past lives and talked about soul mates it wasn’t to dwell on a flirtation or to prop up an ego – it was to help you find the direction of a soul’s path. It was to help people understand patterns going back thousands of years and to shed light of current struggles. Why do we make the choices we do and why do we make the same mistakes over and over? What are the patterns and lessons that need to be learned?

It seemed like these incredible talents, these amazing mystics, could do anything, and while my view of the scope of their talents has matured, the range of abilities is still amazing. All the knowledge of the Universe, just waiting for the right question and the right client. What would you like to know?

When I was in my early teens, around puberty, my own talents started to awaken. I began having past life memories, seeing auras, spirits, and was almost overwhelmed. At 15, I was fortunate enough to be trained as a psychic at the Natural Psychic School of Metaphysics. It was an amazing class that contained the schools’ youngest graduate, me at 15, and oldest graduate, Thelma Zuschlag at 86. A few weeks later I gave my first paid reading. Not a year has gone by since 1992, no matter what else has gone on in my life, that I haven’t given readings.

laybackLearning how to be a psychic and how to turn off and on my abilities changed my life and taught me to cope with the information that was pouring into my head. I did readings on the side, here and there while I finished school and tried to figure out who I wanted to be when I grew up.

I studied Religion and Ethics at Youngstown State University, graduating in 1998, worked at the A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) in both the Youth and Family Life Department and The Archives before moving to New York City to wear a tie and pretend to be a normal, non psychic, person. It wasn’t who I needed to be and in 2004 moved back to Ohio.

In 2008 I became a full time psychic and teacher. I suppose it isn’t surprising that with a background in yoga and Cayce I would talk a lot about health and medical information in my readings. I thought that was what all psychics did and it was natural to talk about chakras and energy patterns and auras and Earth changes. It has always just been part of the job.

Teaching has been a revelation and I love it. I get to explore the Universe with people who want to understand it and find healthy and balanced ways to be a psychic in this modern world. So many people have limited views of themselves and what limited ideas of what psychics can do. The not so secret Secret is, Everyone is psychic and psychics can do Anything.


All we have to do is figure it out.


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John Michael Thornton is a psychic, medical intuitive and teacher. For over twenty years he has been giving readings, teaching and helping people find a healthy connection to their own psychic abilities and the divine. In 2008 John became a full-time psychic, teacher and writer.

Raised in a metaphysical family he was influenced by the work of Edgar Cayce, Ron Roth, and Ray Stanford.

In 1992 John became the youngest graduate of Linda Schiller-Hanna’s Natural Psychic School of Metaphysics and ordained. He studied Religion and Philosophy at Youngstown State University, receiving a BA in 1998, followed by an internship at the A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment in 1999.

In 2005 he started, now, a web site devoted to helping people in the metaphysical community connect and grow, featuring hundreds of articles and metaphysical listings. Great Conjunction now sponsors Metaphysical Expos and Psychic Fairs.

John is a Yoga Alliance 200 approved teacher and has been teaching yoga since 2004 - bringing together the spiritual and the physical practice for his students.

John has worked and taught for the A.R.E.; lectured for the LilyDale Assembly, Church of the Living Spirit, Universal Light Expo; and taught small groups and gatherings across the country.

His classes have been featured at metaphysical shops and centers including Midnight Moon, Karen’s Wellness Center and the Sacred Garden. His radio appearances include Great Conjunction on Paramania Radio, WHOT’s AC and Kelly in the Morning, ParaX Radio’s The Psychic Nextdoor, WREO’s Psychic Thursday and WDOE’s Morning Show. You can hear clips in the Multimedia Area.

John is a featured lecturer for the Holistic Highway to Wisdom DVD Series with “This I Choose - Ethics and Morality of the Modern Mystic” in 2009 and “Answering the Plea, ‘Do it for Me’ ” in 2010 - Available from

John Guided Meditaion CDs, Grounding, Forgiveness & Gratitude, and Walking the Sacred Stair as well as his Workbook Grounding, Forgiveness & Gratitude are avilable in the Bookstore.

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To book a reading Contact John at 330-519-6558 or e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please be sure to include your phone number and the best time to call!  You can pay for your Reading online on the Readings Page!

I offer health, relationship, future, work and energetic information, but my love is the life reading.  There is a tendency for psychics to specialize.  They only work with health, or relationships, or the dead.  I see the body (health and vitality), mind (work and relationships) and Spirit (your soul path) as One.

Look at it like this - Rather than being the discrete entities that western theology describes as Mind / Body / Spirit I truly see it as one Big Ball of Goo.  The physical influences the spiritual influences the mental influences the physical and round and around and up and down until the soul's purpose is fulfilled.  There are no boundaries.  All is one.

Within this philosophy the idea of time becomes more flexible and less rigid.  The future is ever changing.  Free will keeps future events swirling in the eddies of choice.
John Michael ThorntonVery few events are fixed points in history, everything else depends upon choice.  So it is vitally important that you Choose and not be swept along by the tides of history.

So many people blindly wander through life, allowing the future to just happen – never making a choice for themselves.  Choice is scary.  Choosing to follow a spiritual path isn't easy – it can be the most rewarding decision of your life, but it isn’t easy.  Sometimes it helps to have a guide along the path.

My job is to help you down your path, not lead you down mine.

When I give a reading I see all these future possibilities, some more likely than others.  What I try to do is show you how to get to the best possible future, but I can't do it for you.

I give a lot of information, I talk fast and try to find the best series of events that will get you where you need to go for your highest and best outcome.  The rest is up to you.  You must choose to follow the information given and focus on your spiritual path.

This is not to say a reading is all doom and gloom with terrifying portents of the future - all delivered in suitably cryptic phrases and mysterious tones.  Readings are usually a lot of fun.  You get to ask questions about whatever is going on in your life, find out about the people around you and listen to me talk about you and only you for an hour.  What could be better?

I can only tell you what I see.  What you choose to do with it is all up to you.

Blessings to you and everyone you love.
John Michael Thornton