John is the youngest graduate of the Natural Psychic School of Metaphysics, ordained by Linda Schiller, and has been working as a professional psychic for over fifteen years. 
He is a former employee of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, as well as the Edgar Cayce Foundation.
As a yoga instructor, John trained through a mentorship with Shirl Swan-Mock and has been teaching for three years.
In 2005 he started, a web site devoted to helping people in the metaphysical community connect and grow.
John has taught classes in Lily Dale, New York City, and Youngstown, where he currently resides.

Why I don’t give free readings:

When you exchange goods for services you are creating an energetic contract that connects the reader and the client until the debt has been cleared.  On a spiritual, or energetic, level the psychic is obligated to connect with the client to fulfill the contract and give the best information he is able to provide.  In the purest sense the reader must give bad news, good news and everything in between not the make the client happy, but to be honest and truthful while fulfilling the contract.  Readers who blow smoke and tell people what they want to hear - frauds as it were - are in breach of their sacred contract and will be held accountable by Spirit.  If the reader is unable to connect or give a truthful reading he is obligated to return the payment.

The client is agreeing to be open and honest as well, to not lie or block the reader in his duties.  Clients who are willfully blocked or blocking give up their right to a refund.

Everything above is absolutely true… and so is this: No one values what they don't pay for.