Chakras – Your Light Body
Saturday, July 13, 2024, 10:00am - 02:00pm
by JohnMichael

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For thousands of years mystics and healers have seen chakra balance and clarity integral to physical and spiritual health. Imbalances and disruptions in the spiritual body are mirrored in the physical and vice versa, understanding how your spiritual wellbeing is reflected in your physical body is the simplest way to understand physical and spiritual balance.

As we work with psychic development it is easy to focus on the gifts of specific chakras and energy centers while ignoring the overall balance.  We may wish to see spirits and so we narrow our focus to the sixth chakra, or we wish to be more loving and open our heart centers while ignoring the gifts and lessons of the others

In this class we will explore the natures and lessons of all seven of the physical chakras. As we explore their functions and purposes in our life, we will look at ways to find balance in your physical and spiritual life.  

Finally, we will then work with guided meditation to travel through the chakras from base to crown where we will enlist the help of our spirit guides to help balance and further explore these spiritual centers.

Students to prefer to meditate in a reclined posture may wish to bring a blanket or yoga mat.

Location Visions Reiki & Soul Spa, 206 Alexander Ave. Strabane, PA 15363