Intuitive Answers and Messages from Spirit with Psychic and Medical Intuitive John Michael Thornton
Thursday, June 06, 2024, 06:00pm - 08:00pm
by JohnMichael

$35 per person - Register Online

Join Rev. John Michael Thornton for an evening of messages, insights and connection. 

In a Gallery Reading setting audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions about their lives or any question they would like some Intuitive guidance to help understand. John will begin each session with an overview of your energy and any quick messages that come to him.  You can ask your question or get some follow-up information about his opening message.  John’s heart centered guidance and humor will uplift and help you along your path.

John likes to end each evening with a story from his experiences as a psychic.  These “Bedtime Stories" offer a unique window into the unseen world that surrounds us.

What is a Gallery Reading?

Gallery readings give a group of people an opportunity to receive a message from Spirit through a psychic or medium. Generally, the presenter will stand in front of the audience and call on individuals asking “May I read you?” or “May I connect with you?”  After getting permission, the presenter will share a message or insight, it may be a message from a spirit guide or simply a message from the person’s higher self.  These messages are generally 5 – 10 minutes with an opportunity for follow-up.  Not everyone will get a message in a typical gallery reading due to time constraints, but everyone will gain insight and a glimpse into the spirit world.

Psychic readings are to uplift and entertain and should not be used to diagnose or treat medical issues.  Always consult a medical professional. 


Location Visions Reiki and Soul Spa, 206 Alexander Ave. Strabane, PA 15363