*Online* “Going With” The Cycle Of Death And Rebirth In EMDR, Clinical, And Wellness Work
Friday, July 19, 2024, 09:00am - 04:30pm
by JohnMichael
PRESENTED BY DR. JAMIE MARICHJohn Michael Thornton - Psychic Intuitive Dr Jamie Marich

Six major global religions, most notably Hinduism and Buddhism, espouse teaching on the cycle of death and rebirth—colloquially known as reincarnation, totaling 1.9 billion people (or 19% of the world’s population). Recent research shows that 24% of American Christians hold a belief in some form of reincarnation, and many EMDR therapists have reported the emergence of “past lives” and similar themes in EMDR therapy sessions and other wellness work. Once considered a fringe area to study in modern psychology, having an understanding in these belief systems and how to work with them clinically is an important cultural humility/competency issue for EMDR Therapists.

This workshop is co-facilitated by master EMDR Therapy trainer and author Dr. Jamie Marich and content expert in the metaphysical arts Rev. John Michael Thornton. The first part of the workshop is for all clinical and wellness providers to review the core concepts of teaching on the cycle of death and rebirth from various global traditions and to discuss how they might show up for clients in trauma-related sessions. In the second part of the workshop, we will divide into groups of EMDR therapists and other providers to discuss cases and implementation issues specific to practice and settings. All EMDR content is compliant with the standard 8-Phase protocol of EMDR Therapy, although past lives work as a proposed “fourth prong” to the three-prong model are discussed, and issues around “staying out of the way,” and working with spiritually informed interweaves are also incorporated. 

Cost of workshop: 

$135.00 (clinical professional rate, CEs required)

$ 95.00 (professional or general interest, no CEs required)

The course (6 CEs) counts as an elective towards the Institute for Creative Mindfulness’ Advanced Certificate in Dissociation Studies for EMDR Therapists.

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