Intro to Meditation
Tuesday, June 13, 2023, 06:30pm - 07:30pm
by JohnMichael

Meditation helps train your mind to release stress, be mindful, and connect to your own inner guidance. A few minutes a day can rewire your mind for greater clarity and focus.
This easy and approachable series will help you to develop a meditation practice and integrate it into your life.
Discover how meditation may help you:
Reduce tension and stress.
Be more relaxed and at peace.
Improve your metal clarity, health and well-being.
Learn breathing techniques to calm your nervous system.
Explore your spiritual self.

Each class will include both guided and silent meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques, tips to still your mind and body and help you establish a home practice.

Join John Thornton on this 6 week Journey!  
You will receive a CD with Guided Meditations, handouts and written instructions to help you continue on after the 6 weeks.

Cost: $120 for 6 week series (Includes CD)

Location Great Conjunction Spiritual Center - 1060 Crandall Ave., Youngstown, OH 44510