Friday, May 24, 2019


Psychic Pollution - Psychic Protection
Saturday, 13 April 2019,  3:00 -  6:00
by JohnMichael


Modern life is a constant barrage of emotions, negativity and random energies. It can overwhelm anyone, especially those who are intuitive or psychically sensitive.

This workshop focuses on how to create mental boundaries to protect yourself from disruptive people and negative energies left behind from traumatic events. We will explore the basics of self-defense using tools including psychic shielding and cleansing your space. We will cover how to keep out negative energies and thoughts that can block the
flow of positive, peaceful and happy energies in your life!

Delving deeper, beyond the basics, we will look at why techniques like smudging and blessing work, how to create protection rituals for yourself and how to protect the those around you, including children and pets.

$50.00 - learn more at It's Your Journey

Location It's Your Journey, 4750 Cleveland Rd E. Huron Ohio 44839

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