Anything you can Breathe Through you can Live Through
Tuesday, July 19, 2022, 07:00pm - 09:00pm
by JohnMichael

Everyone knows how to breathe; we’ve been doing it our entire lives, but leaning how to breathe in a conscious, mindful way can transform your life.  

Simply by paying attention to your breath you can lessen anxiety.  For one day, try to notice when your breathing is shallow, fast or uneven.  Notice whether or not you unconsciously hold your breath.  When we do any of these things it is a sign of stress, anxiety or fear.  Becoming aware of how our bodies react to these emotions lets us release and center; Find calm in the midst of chaos.

In this simple and gentle class you will learn:

  1. Three part breath.
  2. Ujjayi breath – a yogic breathing technique, also called Ocean Breath.
  3. Lion Breath
  4. Breath of Joy
  5. Simple stretches anyone can do to loosen stiff necks and relax tight shoulders.
  6. Includes hand-outs detailing the breathing and stretching exercises as well as a guided mediation script.
  7. Teaching tips so you can share these techniques with others.


We will finish with an easy, guided meditation to find grounding and center.

Location Great Conjunction Spiritual Center - 1060 Crandall Ave., Youngstown, OH 44510