Walking the Sacred Stair

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Digital download of MP3, Album art and liner notes in a Zip file.


A Chakra Meditation for Guidance. MP3, 30 min Runtime.

Walking gently through the chakras, this meditation leads you through the seven energy centers of your body to help you heal, balance, and, with the help of your Spirit Guides, gain insight into your Energetic Anatomy.  In this guided meditation you will travel through your chakra system, exploring each one to find imbalances and free blocked energy.  You will commune with your Spirit Guides, become comfortable listening to their guidance, and balance your energy.

This is my favorite meditation and I am so happy to finally be able to share it with you.  This meditation helps you to explore the ways you can free up your divine energy to flow to all parts of your life.  30 minute runtime.

Walk Gently,

John Michael Thornton