Grounding, Forgiveness & Gratitude ~ Healing Bundle, CD and Workbook

$30.00 each

Guided Meditation CD and Autographed Workbook Bundle ~ Get Both Together and Save!


Containing three different guided meditations, this CD focuses on:

The steadiness of Grounding

The release of Forgiveness

The Joy of Gratitude

Each meditation offers new tools to help you down your spiritual path and ways to bring healing to your soul.  Featuring original music by Deborah "Ingy" Ingersoll to quiet your mind and soothe your senses.


Designed to accompany the guided meditation CD, “Grounding, Forgiveness & Gratitude” by John Michael Thornton with original music by Deborah “Ingy” Ingersoll, this workbook can be utilized on its own; like the CD, it is a powerful tool. However, using it in conjunction with the CD can enhance your experiences and discoveries through the meditations.  
With this workbook, be prepared to take a 30-day journey of self-discovery and healing utilizing supplemental essays on Grounding, Forgiveness & Gratitude as well as probing questions to help deepen your meditation experience.  
Utilizing encouragement and guidance, this workbook is designed to give you the support you need to find healing and connection.