• Rev. John Michael Thornton

    Rev. John Michael Thornton

    I'm here to help you along your path.

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Psychic, Medical Intuitive & Teacher

Offering psychic guidance, spiritual counseling and education to help you along your spiritual path.

Psychic Readings

Exploring past, present and future, and looking over all aspects of your life. Readings begin with an overview of spiritual and physical health ~ whatever information Spirit is considering most important right now. Following that, we can focus on relationships, career or whatever is concerning you.


Spiritual Guidance

All of Life is energy. As an intuitive and energetic sensitive, Rev. John can help you navigate the murky waters you may currently be facing with intuitive insight and spiritual know-how.


All readings are by appointment to ensure you get my full attention and so I can prepare with meditation and centering. You can now book with my online schedule, it is the fastest way to schedule an appointment.
Please be aware of my Cancellation Policy.



Standard Fees at my Office

$60 = 25-35 mins, phone, video, or in person
$95 = 45-60 mins, phone, video, or in person

Fees at Live Events, Parties, or Fairs are subject to change.

Upcoming Events

  • 03 Jun
    BMSE - Tinley Park Chicago 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

    Join me at the Body Mind Spirit Celebration for the fabulous holistic living festival at Tinley Park! I will be in Booth 12

  • 06 Jun
    Intro to Meditation 06:30 PM to 07:30 PM

    Meditation helps train your mind to release stress, be mindful, and connect to your own inner guidance. A few minutes a day can rewire your mind for greater clarity and focus.This easy and approachable

  • 11 Jun
    Energetic Shielding 12:00 PM to 05:00 PM

    Modern life is a constant barrage of emotions, negativity and random energies. It can overwhelm anyone, especially those who are intuitive or psychically sensitive.This five hour workshop focuses on how

  • 19 Aug
    Body, Mind Spirit Expo in Raleigh 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

    Join me at the Raleigh Body, Mind, Spirit Expo!  It's a wonderful Expo and I'm excited to bring my energy to the event!  I will be in booth 3!  I will be lecturing on Stage 2 on Sunday at 10am   Saturday

  • "John is a master at giving very clear, very useful psychic guidance."

    I was so delighted and impressed by his ability to assess what I needed so quickly. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

    John Thornton Testimonial Rachel Fleischman
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  • "Thank you John for an exciting evening of psychic and medical intuitive readings for my angel sisters"

    The accuracy and presentation of John's reading was amazing! I highly recommend John for your next psychic reading either personally or for an evening with friends and family as we did!

    John Thornton Testimonial MJ Brigger
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  • "John's precision was nothing short of amazing."

    John had felt that there was indeed water on our property. We called and asked him to come out to our land and see if he could help us find a source of water.(He)first used a pendulum with a map of the property to narrow things down, then walked the entire property using is abilities to locate sources of water.

    John Thornton Testimonial Bruce and Catherine Ferguson
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