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Offering psychic guidance, spiritual counseling and education to help you along your spiritual path.

Psychic Readings

Exploring past, present and future, and looking over all aspects of your life. Readings begin with an overview of spiritual and physical health ~ whatever information Spirit is considering most important right now. Following that, we can focus on relationships, career or whatever is concerning you.


Spiritual Guidance

All of Life is energy. As an intuitive and energetic sensitive, Rev. John can help you navigate the murky waters you may currently be facing with intuitive insight and spiritual know-how.


All readings are by appointment to ensure you get my full attention and so I can prepare with meditation and centering. You can now book with my online schedule, it is the fastest way to schedule an appointment.
Please be aware of my Cancellation Policy.



Standard Fees for Private Readings

Private readings are available in-person in Youngstown and Pittsburgh or via phone or Skype.

$60 = 25-30 mins, phone, video, or in person
$95 = 45-60 mins, phone, video, or in person

Fees at Live Events, Parties, or Fairs are subject to change.

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Chronic Illness

 Hi John!
I wanted to follow up with you from our reading a couple weeks ago. Man you're good!

A couple weeks after our meeting, I went to alternative medicine at Cleveland Clinic. I wanted to tell the doctor what you said, but had to be careful that I didn't say it came from a medical intuitive. Didn't matter, the doctor said to me what you said! 

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My Reading Today

Hello John, I just want say thank you so much for the insight that you gave me today. You confirmed my feelings and offered me all that you could give me in 20 minutes. It is said that our eyes are the window to our soul. Maybe it is true, maybe it is just a cliche, but in your eyes I saw wisdom and something so deep that it would take the greatest scholar to explain the intensity you radiate.

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Water Dowsing

This past summer I did some dowsing for a couple who had been trucking water to thier house for almost twenty years.  In 1985 there was an earthquake in northeast Ohio that caused a shift in the water table leaving thier well producing less than a gallon per hour of unpalatable water, so they started trucking in water, "just for a little while."  A little while turned into over 20 years, but drilling is expensive and they weren't even sure there was water to be found.  They called me out and I was able to find a spot I was sure had water.  A month or so later I got the following e-mail:

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Foot Pain Relief

Hi John!

I had a reading from you earlier this year at the Milwaukee spirit expo. At the time I was experiencing debilitating foot and back pain. In your reading, you said surgery was the way forward. I was extremely depressed and my life was at a stand still at the time. The idea of surgery was scary but so was facing a life of disability.  

Well, I found a new doctor, #12 I saw, one who trained staff and would take my questions seriously (as you said) and I did have surgery on May 12th - anterior lumbar fusion of L5/S1. Four days in the hospital. It wasn't easy but I am so much better. I woke up from surgery with intense burning pain in my foot but somehow my depression had lifted. I felt like that black cloud had gone. I still experienced some anxiety but overall I felt much lighter mentally. The recovery road was not easy but honestly the pain from surgery was never as bad as before the surgery. And luckily that burning pain has lessened over time as my impinged nerve heals. Within a month I was off of hydrocodone and just taking Tylenol as needed. 

It's 4 months later and I have a lot of my life back. I'm not pain-free, but I can walk and I am getting better. I'm not sure if I'll ever be at 100% before the pain occurred. Last week I hiked 4 miles in the forest, my absolute favorite activity. That hasn't been possible for almost three years and it has been so hard on my soul. 

So I wanted to say thank you and let you know the positive impact you made in my life. The best part perhaps is that my mom, who came with me, does not believe in western medicine in any way and your reading turned her toward advocating for surgery for me. It wasn't technically on the table at the time we met but when I found the doctor who wanted to do it she didn't resist and that support meant a lot. I rolled into surgery with calm and confidence (highly recommend the audiobook Guided Meditations to Promote Successful Surgery by Belleruth Naparstek). 

Wishing you all the best, 


Heart Testimonial

Good evening,

I wanted to send a message to let you know that I very much appreciate the session from yesterday at the Silver Branch. I didn't realize until this morning how much I needed to hear the message you delivered in that first 5 minutes.

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