Thursday, July 19, 2018

The News

Who Da Man!

Today I nailed a medical intuition reading when I got that a woman had been switched from an opioid pain reliever to a vasodilator and I don't even know what that is!  How cool is that!  Who da man?

Context: So what does it mean?  Really cool, but without context I might as well have told her that she just switched from Sketchers to Converse for all the good it would do, but the context was that her mood swings and feelings of desolation were as much from opioid detox as anything else and then we could put a timeline on that and recommend ways to speed the process.

I also got a bunch of things she could do to resolve the underlying problem, both on the physical and spiritual level.  I really do have the best job in the world… now I just have to find a doctor to work with who will know what I'm talking about when I get words like vasodilator.

Being/Doing - Grounding

Yellow CrocusI rarely have the time during readings for "Direct Intervention" – healings, ritual, and demonstration teaching.  There just isn't time to do it right, so Spirit and I use words and direction instead.  Works great, but I sometimes sit with a person and think, there is so much more we could do if we had the time – hours or even days.

With the new Being/Doing Readings I've gotten the chance for some of this hands on work I was missing.  So far, very few people have wanted to commit to the time and money for these readings, but I had to tell you this story because the client recently reported back to me an evolution of what we did together.

I had worked with J a few times in the past and as I was getting ready to meet with her, and trying to figure out what we were going to do, the message came to me:  It was time for Grounding.  We had talked about grounding in previous readings and meditations, but while she had intellectualized the idea of grounding, both during psychic work and walking around time, the reality of what it felt like was escaping her.

RockGroundingAs an added bonus, the basic ritual dropped into my head right after the idea.  I had her sit comfortably and take off her shoes.  We began with a guided meditation, clearing and focusing before beginning to visualize roots growing from the base of her spine and the soles of her feet.  I knelt in front of her with my hands pressed to the floor as I opened my connections to Heaven and Earth.

Reaching down into the ground I gathered strands of energy and sent my mind down into the stone and earth till I found the place where the rocks go runny and hot.  Holding that connection I took her feet in my hands and gently pulled her into that energy with me – bringing that strength and solidity up as I pulled her energy down.

As I felt the connection form and strengthen between J and the Earth I powerful, female presence reached down from the heavens.  Old and strong and mothering and fiercely protective reached down for J, strengthening the Earth connection and holding the energy of the Sky in balance.

Slowly, the forces began to withdraw, but the paths we and they walked were/are still there.  Now that J had felt that grounding energy and formed those connections it has been easier for her to do it on her own, and that was the whole point!

She told me the other day that the energy has continued to evolve.  The raw power of grounding to the Earth has become more motherly and protective, like being held in immense and comforting arms.

Wonderful!  What will happen in your Being/Doing reading?




daffodilSnowYears ago I had a dream were I was speaking to this old woman about my business.  In the dream, as in waking life, I was all stressed out and trying to explain to her why I was so stressed and didn't have time for her ideas.  She turned and gave me a hard look before saying "Don't you know that as the Earth grows in fecundity, so too shall your business?"

cressAfter I awoke, and looked up "fecundity,"  I started thinking about what she had said to me.  Even now I see the same patterns of sowing, tending, harvesting and resting that I see in nature.  This time of year, even as I plant seeds for the summer garden, ideas and winter projects start to show new growth.  Classes start to grow again, readings become more frequent and new growth is all around.  Summer will see unexpected storms and stunning growth and excitement before the busyness of fall fair season and the harvest of the year's work before the slowdown of December and January.

YellowCrocusLeafEvery year I forget about the pattern, my mind fills with worry and fret in December and January only to remember as spring approaches that is this normal for work as organic as mine.

Today I saw my first crocuses of spring.  The bright yellow ones are always the first to bloom and their sunny faces make me remember those words from my dream, "As the Earth grows in fecundity, so too shall your business."  Now is the time for new growth, and love, and Fecundity – and I am ready.

I want to go play outside

I want to go play outside. IceAndMist

I don't mean I want to go shovel snow, or trudge around the neighborhood in twenty-four layers.  I don't want long hikes or camping.  I don't want to go looking for the best photograph, or the perfect view.  I don't mean I want to work in the garden (I do, but not right this moment… cuz it's buried under a foot of snow), or continue digging for the Crazy, Insane Garden Project.  I want to go Play Outside!

I want to go out with no expectations.  I want to come home covered in mud and scratches.  I want to find a perfect stick.  I want to discover a small stream, just new from the rain, and know my afternoon is all booked up.  I want to see a deer and stand so still it ignores me and then clap my hands.  I want to chase squirrels and climb trees.  I want to climb down the stormdrain and pretend I'm exploring the lost temple of Xxivks (pronounced drit for no apparent reason).RiverSnow

I think we get so caught up in the idea of work and responsibilities we forget about unstructured play.  We "play" games with rules and scores.  We exercise and workout and we need a goal.  Everything has a schedule and a plan.

Maybe I just need some new playmates, but surely there is still time for random, unplanned fun?  Running because it's fun or standing on your head or doing summersaults and cartwheels and rolling down a hill?

Maybe I should just go out dancing.  That's fun, but these days I feel this pressure to meet someone, or HAVE FUN and get my money's worth, or gripe about the dj, or not make a fool of myself on the dance floor, or I go out so rarely it seems like a Big Deal.  I don't want fun and play to be a Big Deal, thinking like that makes me feel old and tired.

BirchMistFeeling old and tired makes you old and tired.  Fun and games may not keep you young, but it will look that way, and feel that way  - and isn't that more important?

I suppose it's cabin fever, or spring fever, or some such thing.  Too long cooped up, even the (indoor) cats want to get out, till they see the snow.  I'm twitching for an adventure, something completely random.  It's even too cold for ghost hunting, which I find a bit redundant cuz they are everywhere, and everyone thinks I'm nuts for wanting to bring a net.  At least I'd get to see new and interesting places full of terror, screaming and scaring other people.

You'd think working all the psychic fairs would be fun, and some are, but it's still work.  Besides, you do one simple handstand (I was bored) and people talk about it for years.

Don't get me wrong, I love what I do and in many ways I have the greatest and most exciting job in the world.  I just have cabin fever and I am going bonkers.

So talk to be people, who else is going crazy out there?  Are you climbing the walls?  If so, are you using crampons or ropes?

What are you doing to relieve the winter doldrums or are you loving it with a yard covered in snow angels and snowmen?

I'll open a discussion in the Forum at – tell us what you are doing or just complain about the weather for a bit.  What is keeping you going as you look out the window?


In Memorium - Edith Thornton


My Grandmother has passed away.  She was a woman of faith who loved, and was loved by, her family and community... and I miss her terribly.

In Memorium - Edith Mae Thornton, 86

Edith ThorntonEdith M. Thornton, 86, of Park Vista Independent Retirement Center, and previously of Lowellville, passed way peacefully Sunday afternoon at Hospice House after a short illness.

Edith was born Sept. 25, 1923 in Youngstown, a daughter of Harry and Rhoda McElwain.  She graduated form Rayen High School and married the late James F. Thornton on June 16, 1945.  James passed away July 9, 1994.

Edith leaves two sisters, Eleanor Dicks of Zephyrhills, Florida and Eileen Davis of Hubbard and a brother Walter McElwain is deceased.

Edith also leaves three sons, James S. (Janet) Thornton of Boardman, David H. (Paulette) Thornton of Poland Twp., Gerald E. Thornton of Lowellville, and a daughter Marilyn J. (Andrew) Acierno of Liberty.

In addition, she will be missed by nine grandchildren, Nicole (Steve) Cain, Andrea (Robert) Neff, Gerald (Megan) Thornton, Lori (Bradley) Timko, John M. Thornton, Lisa (Guy) Young, Summer Thornton, Michele (James) Dierkes, and Melissa (Emmanuel) Vlahos.

Also eight great-grandchildren, Katrina Neff, Andrew Neff, Elizabeth Neff,  twins Kyle and Nathan Cain, Nikolas Young, Ava Timko, and Xander Thornton.

Edith was a very active member of Richard Brown Memorial Methodist Church, and before that, in the McGuffey Methodist Church.  She sang in the choir, served on many committees and was active in United Methodist Women and the Mothers Club.  She was very committed to family and especially enjoyed family gatherings and the great-grandchildren. She will be greatly missed by her family.

Her hobbies included knitting, needlepoint  and roller skating with her husband.

Calling will be at 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday at the Thompson Funeral Home (4221 Market Street, Youngstown, OH, 44512-1119, (330) 788-6568).  Friends may also call from 10 to 11 a.m. Saturday at Richard Brown Church  (1205 Elm Street, Youngstown, OH, 44505, 330-743-5432).  A Service will be held at the church 11 a.m.

The family requests that tributes be contributed to Richard Brown United Methodist Church.

It's December, Breathe

I've been struggling with this December newsletter for a while now (most of December in fact), and I finally figured out why.  Christmas-CactusI was sitting down to write a loving missive of the holiday season, but I always want these messages to fill a need and I wasn't seeing a need for more zesty jolliness.  I am seeing a need for reassurance.

So for those of you who's December has been filled with holly and jolly and other things ending in olly, skip down to the Fall update, everyone else, read on.

Stop and take a Deep Breath.  You are ok.

I know this has been a difficult month for many of you and you are not alone.  I have never seen so many clients and friends having such a difficult time as I have this month and for many it has nothing to do with Christmas and the holiday season.  Sad AngelFor many, business is down or relationships are strained, it may be the weather, it may be the season, but many of us are having a difficult month and are afraid that this will be the new normal in the coming year.

Relax and Breathe Deep.  You will be ok.

At first I was taking it case by case, person by person, trying to figure out what was going on, why is this wonderful person feeling like this?  Soon I saw that that was not the right way to think – It's just December.  Freakin, flippin December.

Let the tension and anxiety flow away, and Breathe.

This is not the new normal.  This is not what 2010 will be like, and you are not alone.  So what I finally realized I need to be saying to people is, "Relax, Chill out, Breathe Deep and don't make any important decisions until January."

Relax your neck and roll your shoulders – feel the tightness loosen, and Breathe.

Coneflower In SnowYou are deeply loved and cared for and I pray for each and every one of you this December and for the coming year.  It will be ok and we will all get through this together.

What ever you can Breathe through, you can Live through.

Relax, and Breathe.

Crazy Fall and an Unnecessary Apology

Folks it has been a crazy fall.  One weekend after another I was traveling, giving readings and teaching, most of it was wonderful – the crummy hotel rooms, fattening food, air travel and whatever bit me in Columbus was not. Still we carry on. ForcinthiaLeaves

My talk at ULE was a blast and will be available for sell on DVD first quarter of 2010, although I did discover that suits seem to scare the heck out of fairgoers.  Who knew?  Then, off to Rochester for readings and networking with my New York peeps, leading to a booking in January for radio with Michelle.  Right away off to Texas to see family and help my Aunt after her heart surgery, she's doing much better.  One day at the Warren fair before the travel caught up with me and I crashed, but some good readings.  Then three days in Sandusky at Midnight Moon and Karen's Wellness Center, both leading to spring classes: Auras – the Light Fantastic at Midnight Moon and Your Spiritual Toolkit – Psychic Development Intensive at Karen's.  Finally, Victory of Light in Cincinnati where I attempted to give readings in a noisy hallway because they lost my paperwork.  Blerg.Angel of Prayer

Funny thing at Victory of Light though, the second day the reader across the way comes over with her head hung low to say, "I need to apologize to you."

"Fer what?  Why, what did you do?"

"For years," she said, "I've been telling people that no one can 'see auras' and Spirit Artists are all frauds, but seeing you work has changed my mind.  I believe that you are the real deal and see those energies.  I am so very sorry."

I looked at her for a minute and said, "Hey, no worries.  If it makes you feel any better, I've said some less than kind things about angel readers."

Cuz the technique is always less important that the person doing the reading.  There are amazing psychics and readers out there giving incredible readings with the strangest methods and others who will sit and read you a Tarot interpretation right out of a book and call it a reading.  Talk to people, get recommendations and remember not to talk down any particular style because you never know who is out there giving the most incredible readings using two twigs and a glass of water.

Hot 101 - The Birthday Wheel

Ok,  so, since I hate to see audio on the site without transcripts, I've started transcribing my radio apearances.  The urge to edit the print version is almost unbearable!  Anyway, from my first visit to the AC and Kelly in the Mornining show on Hot 101 on 7-09-2009 I give you the first segment:

The Birthday Wheel


AC McCoullough:  Hot 101 AC and Kelly in the morning it is 7:34. Your Hot 101 Storm Tracker 21 weather.

Kelly Stevens:  You're looking for a high today around 83 Degrees, 88 for a high tomorrow, then Saturday a chance of showers and thunderstorms.  What's hot in the Valley?  We gotta lot of things, Something very special goin on tonight, we'll tell you about that at Gleener's food bank, Red Cross, Crossroads Sleep Disorder Clinic, That's coming up tonight, I'll tell you about more of that.

AC: Alright, alright, for the next hour we have a special guest in the studio with us this morning.  And it's John Michael Bloom.

Kelly:  John Michael Thornton

AC: Thornton, Bloom where'd I get Bloom at?

Kelly:  I have no idea. Seriously, John Michael, this is what I work with every day.  It must be his psychic powers going crazy, but it's John Michael Thornton, Thank you Ace.

AC:  And now before we even get started, John, we gotta tell…

Kelly:  John Michael

AC:  What?

Kelly:  John Michael

AC:  Ok, I said John.

John Michael Thornton: Close enough.

AC:  God… Can I continue now?  Ok, so here’s the deal, we gotta say what happened here, we gotta say what happened a few minutes ago.  You arrived here a couple of minuets ago, just before we did the Birthday Wheel.  It's a thousand Dollar Thursday.

Kelly:  He comes in.  He sits down.

AC:  Sits down, he's sittin in the chair, Karen is on the phone and I ask Karen, I said when is your birthday, she said January first.  We spun the wheel and the wheel landed on January 26th.  When we got done with Karen and we were off the air, you said to us what?

John:  January twenty sixth is my birthday.

Kelly:  Unbelievable.

AC:  Wow

Kelly:  Unbelievable.  At which point we all got chills.  I mean, do you realize the odds of that?

AC:  Man!

Kelly:  Well I know that probably doesn’t surprise you, because you're a psychic.

John:  No, it doesn't surprise me.  What do I win?


AC:  You don't win anything.

Kelly:  Ah, we can give you the Coca's Pizza.  That's about it.

AC:  Yeah, guests of the AC and Kelly show aren't eligible to win anything.


AC:  So anyway, so, you're a psychic, and where you from, anyway?

John:  I grew up in Boardman, OH. Went to Boardman High School, graduated in '94 and then went to YSU, I was a Religious Studies Major, and then after that traveled around a bit, and then came back here in 2005

AC:  Ok, Kell had some very interesting questions, so um, Kell, why don't you start in here.

Kelly:  Well, no, you wanted to know about nuclear missals in North Korea and I just looked, like, who cares?  You know, you're like, "you think they'll launch them?" And I'm just like, are you seriously wasting your time with a psychic asking that?  I want to know things like, do I have psychic powers?  Does Ace have psychic powers?  Can my psychic powers overcome his psychic powers?


John:  It's not Deathmatch.


Kelly:  No, but, do we all have psychic abilities?  How do you know you're a psychic?  Do you just wake up one day and go, "I'm a psychic?"

John:  Well I believe that everyone has a certain amount of innate psychic ability.

Kelly:  OK

John:  And whether or not you decide to develop that or move forward in working with those abilities depends upon your own beliefs, your own desires and what you are looking for in life,  but everyone's got a certain amount of talent.  We're all built to be psychic.  It's the way we're designed.

Kelly:  How do you know?  Do you just all of a sudden feel entities talking to you?  Or is it just a hunch?  What is it?

John:  Well I think some people do have a sort of big, nuclear moment change… I'm stuck on "nuclear" now, it's all your fault Ace.


Kelly:  North Korean missals, I need to know.  They launchin today or not?  I got stock ridin on this.  Who cares?


AC:  Go ahead John.

John:  Some people do have, you know, big moments that convince them that they have certain abilities and certain talents,  but for most people it's just you start having, uh, your hunches start coming right.  Perhaps you start having very vivid dreams that come true,  or you feel the presence of disincarnate beings or ghosts around you.  And it sort of builds from there.  There's a lot of different ways it can come through.   For myself, what happened with me was I started having, ah, becoming very very sensitive to the energy that surrounds people, their aura, their chakras field, to the point where I would feel it when I was brushing up against someone and would pick up random, small impulses, what was going on with them, their moods.  Anger especially would seem very bright, very hot.  To the point where even if I brushed up against someone who was very angry I'd feel like I had burns up against my arm.

AC:  Can you tell right now that I'm pissed at Kell?  Can you pick that up?


John:  Do I need to be psychic?


Kelly:  I mean he's call you the wrong name eight times now.  For God's sake, I wrote it down on a piece of paper for him.  And then he acts like I'm interrupting him.  No, I'm just trying to give you the information.  Let me ask you,  I have one quick question, he can answer it when we come back.

AC:  Ok, we can do that then.

Kelly:  This is what I want to know, If I'm sitting here and I have those vibes, is it something that you should be afraid of?  If by tapping into this will those ghosts and entities start to haunt me?  I want to know that when we come back.

AC:  Alright, ok, what's his name?

Kelly:  Read it, right here.

AC:  It's John Michael

Kelly:  Thornton

AC:  Thornton


AC:  You didn’t write that down.



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