Thursday, July 19, 2018

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Third Chakra Meditation

SunflowersBreath deep into your belly.  Let your stomach fully expand and contract with the breath and bring your attention to your third chakra.  How does it look?  Are the energies bright and clear?  Compare it to the other two centers we have looked at, is it as bright?  If you sense unbalance, ask yourself, Where are these energies lacking in my life?  Now, bring your hands to your solar plexus.  See healing energy stream out of your hands, dispelling blockages and balancing the yellow glow.

Take a deep breath and return to center.

Second Chakra Meditation

DayLilyTake a deep breath in and let it out.  Take a moment to bring your attention to your second chakra.  Bring your hands to your lower abdomen and feel the spin of energies.  Now focus your attention.  Does this center seem healthy and clear?  Is the color pure and unmuddied?  What do you feel as you contemplate this chakra?  Are there areas in your life where creativity is lacking or stunted?  See clear orange energy streaming to those areas of your life, feel the energy flow.  As you allow the energies of this chakra into your consciousness, ask yourself - What are the issues I need to address to bring greater balance and health to this chakra and my life?

Breathe deeply and return to center.

First Chakra Meditation

RedSnapDragonTake a moment to bring your attention to your base chakra. As you breathe, see the spin and slow fluctuations of the energies of your base chakra. Is the energy a bright and fiery clear red? Is the energy highly focused or sluggish and almost leaky looking? Can you see your connection to the Earth? Breath deeply and bring your hands to the small of your back and see healing energy stream from them into your base chakra. With your focus on your base chakra, ask yourself - What are the issues I need to address to bring greater balance and health to this chakra and my life?

Breathe deeply and return to center,



I opened the window and influenza

ChristmasTreeYa'll I am so sick I can't even think of my own illness related title, I had to steal that one from Cynthia Heimel. I am feeling better though and wanted to send you a few thoughts on 2011. This is going to be an interesting year… An interesting next few years in fact, but certainly not all bad.

The biggest cautions I have received about 2011 are about the economy and housing. I have been predicting a second dip for the economy in 2011, but this is not the Big One! Don't panic, sell low and move into a yurt, unless you really want to. The stock market will bounce back from this one.

The housing market hasn't bottomed out yet.

Birth rates are going to be high this year, there are a lot of souls who want in on the coming changes. These are going to be highly sensitive and psychic souls, I wish all of their parents a hearty GOOD LUCK!

tomatoSproutsGrow your own! Food and water issues, safety and reliability, will be growing in the coming years. The more control you can have over what you eat and drink the better off you will be! Now is the time to learn to garden and cook, if you wait for a disaster to start your garden, or begin preserving, or raising livestock (Chickens!) you will have waited too long. The garden catalogues have already started to arrive and I'm already disappearing into next year's garden.

Forget about resolutions! Set a few goals for the next year and then just do the work.  I'm working on mine right now and ruminating on the ones I missed in 2010.  A good plan, and one of my ongoing ones, is to be just a bit more healthy every day. No huge changes or impossible goals, just get a bit of exercise, stretch, meditate, don't eat anything that makes you feel awful, and go play outside. One of the most common recommendations I get in my readings is "Go play outside." It helps you get grounded, improves your mood, and makes you feel alive!

What I keep getting over and over in my readings and dreams is that this is the time to do the work and prepare for the coming changes. The future is not set in stone and our actions and attitudes can alter the path of History.

It is up to us as Light Workers to do the hard work of bringing light to the world and carrying light with us and within us as we walk in dark places. I know it can feel impossible some days, I get bleak and moody myself, but those are the times to go play outside, talk to a friend, or get on the yoga mat and work it out.

lightsmallDay to day life is what brings us up and gets us down, but what matters is for us to do the work and change the World.

"When individuals have taken thought of others they have kept the world intact. Where there were ten just persons, even, many a city, many a nation, has been saved from destruction." Cayce 3976-11 Report*

*You can gain access to all the Edgar Cayce Readings and reports as well as all sorts of other cool stuff by joining the A.R.E. for as little as $30 per year. Well worth it.

God Keep You Merry


Happy Holidays!

christmas-cactusI have a new favorite Christmas song – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen sung by Annie Lennox.  It is a dark and moody rendition that plays up the minor key and the darkness of some of the lyrics.  The video is perfection – atmospheric and haunting.  It reminds me that the frantic cheer and holiday glitz is a recent addition to the Christmas season.

I like Christmas, I really do, but I hate the commercialism and the forced cheer.  I don't do well with forced cheer and in this, the darkest time of the year, it seems wrong.  This is a time to rage against the dying of the light.  The days are short and the view out my window is rather bleak and grey.  The sun is going away and who knows if it will ever be back?

dartsnowOur ancestors knew that this was a time to gather together.  To light fires against the dark (and remind the sun it has a job to do) and celebrate that the supplies will last till spring.  Bring inside anything green you can find to remind yourself that life lays under the snow.  Celebrate the life that is hidden away and shelter the spark of life and light in every heart and home.

This is a time of hope for spring and renewal and rebirth.  It is a time to huddle together against the cold and darkness.  Spring is just under the snow and life and the sun will soon return to Earth.

The shortest day of the year is almost upon us.  Clear away your darkness and prepare for the returning of the Light!

John Michael Thornton

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Happy Halloween and Happy Election Day!


Ok ya'll, I don't get political in this space very often, but please get out and vote this year.  Vote for the libraries, vote for the schools, vote for the firemen so they can keep putting out those nice calendars and vote for candidates you believe in.  If you hate everyone running in your local election, write in the Dali Lama or Elvis or Bugs Bunny.  I know it sounds crazy, but even writing in a candidate helps improve the system.  When there is a small voter turnout it allows the candidates and pundits to ignore the bigger picture and issues of the nation and focus on the smaller issues that divide and anger us.  If even 75% of the nation voted in an election, any election, it would be a game changer and the game needs to be changed.

On a lighter note, imagine what would happen if thousands of people wrote in Bugs Bunny.  Can't you just imagine Christine O'Donnell in a bunny suite telling us she's not a witch, she's just like Bugs?

Even though I no longer make massage oils and beauty products I still get recipes and recommendations in my readings and I have started posting them over at  You can find recipes for massage oils, and in the coming months I will be adding some old favorites from Blue Dragon Beauty as well as links to some of the great products I've been using.

It's been a beautiful fall here in Youngstown and I have been traveling around to fairs, giving readings and lecturing.  November will continue to be a busy month and I look forward to seeing you when I'm out on the road.

If you miss me when I'm out on the road you can always book a phone reading or arrange a class in your area at

Take care, stay warm, and vote.
John Michael Thornton

Walking the Sacred Stair

Walking the Sacred Stair - a Chakra Meditation for Guidance

by  John Michael Thornton

Walking The Sacred StairWalking gently through the chakras, this meditation leads you through the seven energy centers of your body to help you heal, balance, and, with the help of your Spirit Guides, gain insight into your Energetic Anatomy.  In this guided meditation you will travel through your chakra system, exploring each one to find imbalances and free blocked energy.  You will commune with your Spirit Guides, become comfortable listening to their guidance, and balance your energy.

This is my favorite meditation and I am so happy to finally be able to share it with you.  This meditation helps you to explore the ways you can free up your divine energy to flow to all parts of your life.  30 minute runtime.

Walk Gently,

John Michael Thornton


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Walking the Sacred Stair - a Chakra Meditation for Guidance


Walking The Sacred Stair